DEC 15

Signed Exclusive Licence Agreement to Commercialise Fortacin™ in the Israeli and Balkan regions

OCT 07

Deep Longevity Launches Longevity Medicine Course for Physicians with Industry Experts

AUG 30

Announces 2021 Interim Results, Significant Milestones Achieved on the Commercialisation of Fortacin™ and Business Expansion

AUG 06

Endurance Longevity Announces Positive Profit Alert for Interim Results 2021 and Other Exciting Business Updates - Fortacin To Undertake Phase III Clinical Trials in the United States, Disposal of Listed Securities of VXR Shares for A$5 million Net Proceeds

JUL 28

Fortacin Receives Extremely Encouraging Assessment in US Market Research Analysis

JUL 27

Deep Longevity Repurposes a Blood Aging Clock for Saliva Samples

JUL 27

Deep Longevity Releases an AI-based Predictor of COVID Time-To-Death

JUL 15

Fortacin Receives Strong Positive Results for US Phase II PRO Validation Study

JUL 14

Deep Longevity Launches Psychological Aging Clocks and Announces Scientific Advisory Board

JUL 14

Deep Longevity Releases a CME-accredited Course on Longevity Medicine

JUN 24

Endurance RP Limited: A New Name, A New Perspective - Eye on China’s fertility and longevity market

MAY 20

Regent Pacific’s Deep Longevity announces partnership with LifeHub and LifeClinic in Hong Kong

MAY 11

Regent Pacific’s Unrealised Gain in Venturex Resources Limited Increased to US$10.74 million

APR 01

Regent Pacific Receives HK$24 million After Clinical Trial Approval For Fortacin™ Has Been Obtained

MAR 30

Regent Pacific Announces 2020 Annual Results, Significant Milestones Achieved on the Commercialisation of Fortacin™ and Business Expansion

FEB 09

Regent Pacific’s Strategic Partner Obtains Clinical Trial Approval for Fortacin™

JAN 18

Regent Pacific Announces the Successful Launch of Fortacin™ in Hong Kong, Upcoming Launches in Taiwan and Macau and Related Business Updates

JAN 11

Regent Pacific Announces Key Research Findings on Fortacin™ – Encouraging Step Towards the Commercialization of Fortacin™ in the US

JAN 04

Regent Pacific Announces Key Progresses on Fortacin™ / Senstend™ – Solution to Premature Ejaculation